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Case 2: How is this stuff going to help me?

Key Issue: Shazia wants to become an effective manager.

Sub-Issue: Management and Organizational Behavior course does not offer her clear cut solutions while managing people.


F.W.Taylor's principals of significant management were instrumental in engineering accuracy and standardization in to people's job. Henry Fayol defined the universal functions that all managers perform and the principals that constitute good management practice. Max Weber developed a good management activity based on authority relations. The "people side" of organization came in to existence in 1930's primarily as the result of Hawthorne studies, these studies led to new emphasis on the human factor in the organization. In late 50's managers attention was caught by people like Abraham Maslow and Douglas McGregor, who proposed that organization structure and management practice had to be altered so as to bring out full productivity potential of employees.

Motivation and leadership theories offered by David Meckland, Fred Fiedler, Fredrick Herzberg and behavioral scientist during 1960's and 1970's provided managers with still greater insight in to employee behavior.

Ques1: Why did the Instructor start off with a brief overview of development of management thought and emerging environmental challenges?

Ans: The course in management and organizational behavior will help Shazia to have a better understanding of the subject. She will get a clear understanding of how the theories of management actually emerged. She will be able to make a difference between how it used to be and how it is done now. Also to have a better understanding of present and future we need to understand our past well.

Ques2: How would you relive Shazia's anxiety? How is the course in management and organizational behavior going to make her better manager?

Ans: Since Shazia wants to be an effective manager,