Who is she?

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Who is she? Why do I feel this way about her? We have only known each other for six months. We have only had professional conversations. Maybe there is something to what I feel already. I can feel it in the air, she is special.

I was on my way to spend time at the corporate office in Remington, Indiana. As I traveled down Interstate 94 in my 1978 Monte Carlo in the summer of 1986, I kept running all of my thoughts through my mind. What would I say? What would I do? "God help me, I know I'm going to blow it", I would say to myself. She fascinated me, yet I did not know why. She had no idea how I felt about her. I could not get her out of my mind as I motored down the road to reach my destination. Was it pure infatuation, or could it be a sign of the things to come?

Time was on my side when I reached my destination, I had all weekend to think and ponder about her.

I arrived at the corporate office on Monday and took a tour of the facilities and all that good stuff. I still had not seen her face. I did not have any idea what she looked like. I only knew the sound of her voice from our conversations over the telephone. She sounded very sweet and polite, which gave me the impression, in my mind, she was a "cutie."

As I embarked on my mission of seeing things the "corporate way", I still had not discovered this woman and it was Tuesday. I was finally asked to take a trip across the parking lot, where a satellite office was located. As I walked in the office, I heard...