She's No Angel

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HERNANDEZ, Niña Rose R. BSEd En 2-2D


Leslie Kelly

SETTING: Trouble, Pennyslavania.


Jennifer Feeney - a drop-dead-gorgeous woman and almost man-hater. Physical appearance is sexy and slender; she also had a small straight nose and dark eyes that were a swirling mix of blue and stormy gray with a nice pair of legs. Who was outwit by her two almost crazy aunts, when she visited them on Trouble, Pennsylvania just like what she promised her father, dumps her on the middle of nowhere barefooted and steals her car and dumps her things for asking them to leave their scary old, full of termites house and move into a nicer one. That's the part where she gets to meet Mike Taylor, her knight in shining t-shirt, who rescues her and give her a ride. And then, their fate began to entwine. With just an old knitting box and her aunt's testimony, she tries to find out the real story behind the murder of a music producer forty years ago, the story of her aunt Ivy that she included in her first book.

She works as a semi-famous writer of Her Life magazine, "Single in the City" advice columnist in New York. As her career prospers, she gets threat from men who had taken the humor in her book seriously.

Mike Taylor - a hot New York cop who has been working on cold cases, who went to Trouble, Pennsylvania to visit his uncle. Has rock-hard jaw, wide, tightly controlled mouth and thick dark spiky hair that is cut short. He looked like one who should be dressed in army fatigues, holding an AK-47, blowing up buildings on a big screen in a movie theater. And on his way he stumbles upon this gorgeous lady, barefooted carrying a...