Short Story on Trust

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Once upon a time, there were two flowers. One flower was a beautiful, bright daisy. The second flower was a wilted, old sunflower. These flowers lived on top of a plush, grass filled hill. Every day the sun would come out, and the warm breeze would sweep through the hills. When night fell, it would cool off, just a little, as the elusive moon peeked through the clouds.

You see, these flowers had very different views. The daisy flower was always optimistic, happy, and was full of trust. On the other hand, the sunflower was always frightful and didn't trust anything.

When the sun would come out, the daisy would bask in the warm rays, while the sunflower would try and hide in the shade in fear that it would become to hot, and would melt away. When children came out to play, the daisy flower would watch with delight, while the sunflower feared the children would stumble upon him.

When summer rolled around, the bees would come and pollinate on these flowers. The daisy loved to see them take the pollen and buzz of to their hives, while the sunflower would try and hide form the bees so they wouldn't take all of its pollen.

As you can see, the daisy always trusted things and looked at the brighter side when things happened. The sunflower would try and avoid things and would be scared when things happened. Because the daisy was so trustful and optimistic, it was beautiful and bright. The sunflower was wilted and old.

So when something happens, trust it, be optimistic. If you do, you will end up like the strong beautiful daisy, instead of the week, fearful flower.