Should America become a cashless society?

Essay by Ry_Dogg_Junior High, 9th grade December 2005

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I strongly encourage you to vote NO for proposition 219, which is the creation of a cashless society because computer hackers could hack into the money system and cheat people out of their money. If we had a cashless society, then it would cost more money to manage because the government would have to spend more money on the servers that manage the cashless society. Also, there would be ways to trick the computer system, since every complex program has a bug in it somewhere. Also, if you were short on money for a transaction, you couldn't have pocket change to even the purchase. Ever wonder why bank robbers don't get away with a lot of cash, because there is to much of it to carry. If they had electronic money, they could easily get sextillions of dollars just by transferring the funds to a secure account where it could not be traced by the government FBI investigators.

Also, you would have to hire new policemen, who can use the computer to track down robbers, so you would have less of a police force because most policemen don't know how to hack into a computer. Some less intelligent people won't know how to use their cashless money and would forget their pin number or identification, presenting more problems for the people selling the stuff because their purchases would be cut in half, so it would ruin the economy and enemy hackers will steal American money and use it to fund their un-American projects. Also, instead of terrorist attacks, there will be cyber virus attacks deleting money and ruining the American economy, therefore crushing the United States and dispersing of the states, turning America into fifty different countries. There are so many bad things that could happen if the United...