How should France feel about the Treaty of Versailles?

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The Treaty of Versailles was a mere settlement to prevent future wars.

France should be happy with the Treaty of Versailles since Clause 231 forced Germans to accept all responsability for the war and was made for all damage caused by the war.

Furthermore the Germans had next to no army as it only had an army of 100'000 men, 6 battleships and 30 smaller vessels, they had no aeroplanes (airforce) or submarines since they were not detected by radars.

Germany was also made return Alsace Lorraine to France, as well as returning the saar, so they lost land, and France gained land.

The Germans also had to demilitarise the Rhineland, and give up all the colonies.

Although France was not entirely satisfied because Germany was still one of the most powerful countries in the war and was still stronger than France.

Furthermore the French had wanted Germany to be totallly demilitarised, and split up into 4 smaller countries so that they could no longer attack France.

On top of that the French did not feel that the Germans had suffered as much industrial and land damage that they suffered since the war had been fought mostly in France.

France lost 4 million men which was lot more than Germany, so they were mad due to the amount of losses they had suffered.

In conclusion I think that France should be fairly happy with the Treaty since Germany did suffer a great deal, not only moneywise, since they had to face a Diktat, and lost all of their colonies, that had to lose all access to the sea etc... as I have said that I believe that France had many reasons to be happy with the treaty considering how much Germany had actually suffered, not only had France been...