Should there be restrictions put on modern advertising methods?

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Information technology has changed our life enormously. It creates fast and flexible means of communication and one of the best ways to get in touch with the audience is through advertisements. Everywhere you turn there is some form of advertising taking place. Companies spend outrageous amounts to get the attention of the viewer and hold it long enough to increase interest in their products. If one product is more appealing, advertisers work on launching a bigger and better campaign to make their goods appear to be better. A technique that has been used in lots of recent adverts is called autosuggestion. This is when an advert encourages the viewer to use insight and form an impression. However, the advert then often surprises the viewer by showing the impression to be wrong. Therefore, we should consider whether restrictions should be put on modern advertising methods.

One of the main arguments for advertising products without any restrictions is that advertisements inform the consumer about the various goods on the market, which leads to a better choice.

At the same time we are not forced to buy products that we see on TV or billboards and it depends on our personality how we perceive advertisements. Moreover, advertising may lead to increased sales, which results in mass production and therefore cheaper prices. We must not forget, either, that advertising makes a positive contribution to our pockets. Newspapers, commercial radio and television companies could not subsist without this source of revenue. If we now put certain restrictions on modern advertising methods it will affect the pockets of ordinary consumers. That is mostly because traditional methods of advertising products may not be successful as all the goods would seem similar and many companies might reduce the expenses designed for advertisements. This fact will...