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"They [the murals] should be left there. And God bless Gordon Campbell and the Liberals for wanting to have a referendum on native treaties. The organized aboriginals have pushed around the provincial government here too often and too much. There should be true democracy in this province."� Personal Comment The Province, April 11, 2001 The person who wrote the above statement is clearly definitive in their opinion on what should be done with the controversial murals in the B.C. Parliament Buildings. Not only should the murals NOT be removed but that First Nations' people are also asking for too much. That attitude is certainly in the spirit of this paper's debate and represents an important theme; one of colonial superiority. Given the controversy around the murals in the B.C. Parliament Buildings, from a First Nations' perspective, what should be done with them? The paper will begin by discussing the methodological approach including a discussion on the types of sources used.

It will then provide a brief description of the murals pointing out potential areas for concern and will follow with a discussion on how First Nations' people feel about the murals. Finally, the paper will examine what should be done with the murals.

As there are no "scholarly"� journal sources for this topic, a review of 77 newspaper articles taken from the Vancouver Sun, The Province, the Times Colonist and the Windspeaker newspaper provided the context from which the discussion of this paper was developed. The majority (67) of the articles reviewed were printed within a timeframe of April 7, 2001 and April 28, 2001, just days after the "Report of the Speaker's Advisory Panel"� (SAP) was leaked to the press, however, 10 articles were also reviewed for the period June 27, 2000 through December 20, 2000...