Should Tuition Vouchers Be Available?

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Should tuition vouchers be available to parents who want their children to attend private schools? This is a very hot topic that became very popular during the recent presidential elections. Some people have very strong options when it comes to this topic.

President Bush believes that vouchers are an important component in the field of education. Others, like the residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin believe that vouchers are detrimental to education and taxes.

The people that are against vouchers believe that the private schools are not held accountable academically, even though they would be receiving public money. According to Krohne (2001), some voucher schools do not have a single student that is privately paying tuition. While parents that believe in the voucher program want a private education because they believe it is a better education. Some people believe that voucher systems would help improve academic achievement. Krohne (2001) point out that because the voucher schools are not required to take state tests, we can not know whether they really are performing higher academically.

Schmoke (1999) believed that the voucher program is not a violation of church and state any more than the GI Bill. He believes that both programs would use government dollars to go to a choice whether public or private. The people against the voucher program believe that vouchers cross the line between the separation of church and state.

Bast and Harmer wrote in Policy Analysis (1997) that the voucher program would lead to trapping private schools in a web of regulation that would destroy their independence. While Dewey in the same article wrote that the voucher system would liberate private and public schools.

Voucher programs have been characterized as diverters of public money away from public schools. Milwaukee residents are not happy about vouchers according to Krohne (2001).