"should UN sanctions continue against Iraq".

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Should UN Sanctions Against Iraq Continue

Many people have argued for and against the UN sanctions that are in place in Iraq. Some people think the sanctions are good and will keep Iraq in line. Other people think that the sanctions are hurting Iraq. They think that the people of Iraq are being treated unfairly. Former US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, argues on the side of sanctions continuing and Rick McDowell argues on the side of sanctions being lifted.

Ms. Albright thinks that the US must take decisive action to help destroy Iraq's capacity to threaten its neighbors. Actions including military force and support of the sanctions will be used. These sanctions will ensure the disarmament of Iraq and will hinder the aspirations of Saddam Hussein.

At the end of the 1991 Gulf War, people thought that Hussein wouldn't last very long. In fact, Hussein lasted and the US had to deal with the consequences ever since.

Saddam has been successfully contained by the sanctions and the UN special commission on arms inspections, UNscom, has destroyed many of Iraq's missiles and weapons of mass destruction. Once in a while, Saddam will rattle his cage and hope that the US will spend defense dollars moving troops all around. The US controls the timetable and will decide how and when it is right to act against Iraq. Forces in the gulf have been reconfigured so they can react fast and hard when it is needed. Since January 1998, when Hussein suspended cooperation with UNscom, they have been very effective. They have carried out a variety of inspection activities and have turned up very serious evidence that Saddam hasn't still accounted for many WMD. It also demonstrated that Iraq had "weaponized" a deadly VX gas. Iraq's Foreign Minister, Tariq Aziz, said, "We...