Should We Expect Celebrities To Be Role Models?

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Should we expect celebrities to be role models?


Should we expect celebrities to be role models?


Celebrities before starting their career, according to people are just ordinary human beings. Since being the God gifted individuals they make a name for them selves. It may sometime feel that they are in lime light every now and then. But this is what they strive for, i.e. is to make a name and earn their living at the very same instant. If this fame and lime light is snatched away or has been a part of history they are merely remembered as an after thought. People tend to forget the celebrities earlier than they follow. Celebrities are the role model of many generations, but sometime they do things opposing the so called term of 'The Role Model' (Fred, 2002).

Despite expected to motivate their fans and the followers; they are also engaged in unhealthy activities, which people also blindly follow specially kids. They are die hard fanatics of these celebrities; follow the same path as they do what they see.


Being a role model is no easy task. A role model should be the one who may be able to address public the difference between the right and wrong. Today so many actors, actresses, sports superstars have reached the peak of the careers. Despite all that they are engaged in unhealthy and hideous activities that can affect the brain of the kids, who mostly look up them as role model. Not only kids the young generation, elders and the old all are their fans.

Tiger Woods', the famous golfer, despite of so many victories up his sleeve, he is still in the news. But this time not...