The Significance of Leisure

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Leisure is an important part of every person on this earth. Leisure is free time to do what you want. It can be many different things. It totally depends on the person as to what a leisure activity is. Since hardly anybody is a like, there are a lot of these activities in which people get involved with.

Many people do leisure activities for different reasons. Some do it just to have something to do or to relieve stress. Others do it to be social. Some even do it because it shows a social status if they participate in a certain leisure activity. Finally, people participate in leisure activities as a state of mind.

Leisure has been around for a long time. There have been leisure activities ever since there were humans on this earth. Humans have always found ways to temporary escape the reality of the human life and to do activities for fun or for sheer enjoyment.

The ancient Greeks developed the first organized leisure activities. They called them the Olympic Games. These games consisted of running, wrestling, hurling javelins, hunting, and driving chariots. There have always been organized leisure activities ever since these Olympic Games.

Leisure activities have always been important in my life. When I was really young I played baseball like most kids. It was a time to go out and play with friends and have a great time. I did not play baseball for that long because I did not like it as much as I did soccer. I loved soccer, and I devoted all of my time to it. I played it as much as I could. I once tried basketball, but I learned real quickly that that was not my sport. I was not real good at it but most of...