Simile and Metaphor Analysis for Madame Bovary

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Chapter 1 page 86:

"Not a hair was out of place in the blonde chin whisker outlining his jaw: it was like the

edging of a flower bed around his long, dreary face with its small eyes and hooked nose."

The poetic device of simile used to describe Monsieur Binet helps the reader

visualize how meticulous he is. A meticulous man is the last thing a person wants in a

small and very interconnected village. The reader after such a brief description becomes

aware of this character and his possible significance in the later on affair.

Chapter 2 page 96:

"She was wearing a little blue silk scarf that held her pleated batiste collar stiff as a ruff;

and as she moved her head the lower part of her face buried itself in the folds or gently

rose out of them."

The simile in this quote foreshadows many future events.

The Eurasian sandpiper

has a very similar look in the breeding season; this could pertain to the story in several

different ways. This simile also reveals that Emma wants to be noticed, that particular

look happened to be "the hit style" of the time.

Chapter 3 page 108:

"It ran silently, swift and cold looking; long fine grasses bent with the current, like

masses of loose green hair streaming in its limpid depths."

The simile in this particular quote reveals how Emma feels about this man. Emma

is portrayed as the hair and Leon as the wind. It seems that she is open to this man's

desires; the grass bends to the wind and the grass is like the hair. The reader realizes how

evident her feelings are through this comparison more easily.

Chapter 4 page 114:

"Love, to her, was something that comes suddenly, like a blinding flash of...