Simply DOS, 2nd Edition

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Summary: DOS is the short form of "Disk Operating System". The meaning is controlling the Hard Disk working. It can help we to manage our system and spend the resource. The main work of the DOS is for processing programs and save-load data. Also, we can do the work such as printing. Although there are many operating now, and although they are easy to use and user-friendly, we still need to learn about DOS. Because it is a basic system and many great OS, such as: Windows is base on DOS. In the first chapter, the book introduces the computer hardware and software. And when we get started with the computer, because it is an old edition, the procedure that the book suggested is an out-dated method. But that is the experience of the expert we can see the opinion of the editor. They are very useful.

(146 words) Comment: DOS is an OS that base on text.

All the command need we input word by word. May be you will think it is very troublesome, but we can trust it very much. Because it is very stable, it is hard to make it hang. So it is suitable for business, as it is like the great OS that used in many companies, UNIX.

For working with DOS, first of all, we need to get comfortable with the computer's hardware and get familiar with the computer's software. In the beginning, we need to set our computer, for example, monitor, printer, keyboard, disks and disk drives. After turning on the computer, we need to install the DOS. Then we need to input all the data into the system. After that, we can use the DOS.

Some important command that we must learn: "dir", "md", "cd", "rd", "format", "date", "copy"… … If we can well communicate with the DOS language, we can manage the files and the computer as we wish. At a higher level, we can organize we work with the OS. Make the root, tree directories.

At the last of the book, there are many essential file manipulation commands. We can learn through it, so we can do well as an expert.

I think this book is not a role for teaching us how to use the DOS. I think it is for us to learn more about the history of computer. We can know, long time before, there is an OS call DOS in the world. And we can know how the people use computer before.

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