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Simulation Summary:Thorr Motorcycles Inc is a $5 billion dollar company, producing over 200,000 units per year. Other then motorcycles Thorr Motorcycles also sells a verity of merchandise consisting of: T-shirts, toys, shoes, boots, leather goods, and countless other items. Currently Thorr Motorcycles is among the top names in the motorcycle world, owning around 40 percent of the heavy cruiser market (651+ cc). Thorr Motorcycles has been conducting primary market research into repositioning the image if of the Cruiser Thorr or introducing a new model.

Despite the annual increase of motorcycle sales Thorr Motorcycles is experiencing a decline in sale of their existing product the Cruiser Thorr. The decline in sales is linked to a change in the market for the Cruiser Thorr. Cruiser Thorr target market is men between the ages of 35 and 50. While younger costumers are either not willing or able to spend the amount of money required to own a Cruiser Thorr.

Competition has stepped forward and is now eating into the Cruiser Thorr market share. (University of Phoenix, 2007)Knowing that the owner of the Cruiser Thorr as well as motorcycle enthusiast alike held the Cruiser Thorr in such high regards it was the option of Thorr Motorcycles to launch a new model, and not taint the image of the Cruiser Thorr. Thorr Motorcycles new model will be the RRoth. The RRoth is designed for the younger market, offering the lifestyle of owning a Thorr Motorcycle with out the financial burden of the Cruiser Thorr. For those customers who buy the RRoth we at Thorr motorcycles have still given the opportunity to completely customize your RRoth or Cruiser Thorr to reflect you personality. Thorr motorcycles also chose to take the time to train associates working at their dealersDifferentiation means that the marketing mix is...