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Melissa Long

WR 121

Essay #2

Samantha Hafner

October 29, 2014


Even though the short film, Sintel, was made to promote Blender, the software program used to design it, it deserves as much praise as one person can give. Had I seen this film in the previews at a movie theater I would have given it a standing ovation. With no basis in reality it is a hard thing to critic but, as with every great film, there is always something that could have been improved upon. The meaning of the word explains the premise of the movie so easily, making it the perfect name for this short film and for the main character. Sintel is a piece of glowing coal or metal. It glows brightly, burns, and then becomes ashes.

The opening scene and the music leading up to it might have been exaggerated, but I think that with this kind of film it can be allowed.

The dramatic and yet intriguing music before and during the battle between Sintel and the man with the staff is a little obvious but I have to admit it fits the scene pretty well. The little push it received from the music in the beginning is the reason I watched it through to the end.

After defeating the man, Sintel seeks shelter in a cabin not too far from where she is. There is an old man that in the cabin and as she warms up in front of the fire, he asks her why she is in this place. She says that she is "looking for a dragon". The creators used that line as a set up for the flashback, and I would normally gasp in horror at this. However, they were able to deliver it in a way that...