Sir Charles Kingsford Smith

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History Assignment Question 1: From the list on the handout pick ONE individual from either 1920's or1930's Question 2: Research the Achievements and significance of this individual's contribution to Australian society including:•A description of their specific achievements•And outline of the conditions of Australian society at the time of the reaction of Australian society to this individual•Your judgment and analysis of the significance of the individual for Australian society at the time Question 3: Write an essay based on your research that explains the contribution and significance of your chosen individual to Australian society.

•Word Limit 750 - 1000 words Question 4: As an additional skills task, you will need to include at least one footnote reference citing a source that you used for your research•In academic writing the author almost always draws some material from the writings and research of others. These sources should be acknowledged and listed as references Question 5: Include a bibliography•Include all sources used Question 1:For my assignment I have chosen to do Sir Charles Kingsford Smith because he was a war hero and he was the first person to make a trans pacific flight from Australia to America.

Question 2:World War I and early flying experience At 16 he became an engineering apprentice with the Colonial Sugar Refining Company. After that, he enlisted for duty in the armed services in 1915 and served at Gallipoli. Initially, he performed duty as a motorcycle dispatch rider, before transferring to the Royal Flying Corps, earning his wings in 1917.

Kingsford Smith was hospitalized in August 1917 after being shot down and receiving injuries which required a large part of his left foot to be amputated. For his gallantry in battle, he was awarded the Military Cross. As his recovery was predicted to be lengthy, Kingsford Smith was permitted...