"The Slaves Of Spiegel" by Daniel Pinkwater.

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This book is about a man named Steve Nickelson and a boy named Norman Bleistift who were kidnapped by junk food craving aliens from the planet Spiegel and forced to cook for them. Steve and Norman both worked as cooks and managed a restaurant called the Magic Moscow in Hoboken, New Jersey. The Magic Moscow was an extraordinary restaurant because it featured ice cream sundaes which contained pizza dough, lobster, vegetables, and other peculiar ingredients. It also sold hamburgers, deep fried pumpkin rinds, salads, and other foods, including sixteen flavors of ice cream. The aliens went to the Magic Moscow because it served all their favorite foods.

The planet they came from, Spiegel, was inhabited only by fat men whose main interest in life was hoarding and eating such things as potato pancakes, pizza, cheeseburgers, cupcakes, candy, and other unhealthy foods. They even raided other planets and stole food.

In fact, they liked the Magic Moscow so much they decided to take the whole restaurant back to Spiegel. So they shrank the Magic Moscow, Steve, and Norman. Then the aliens wrapped them in aluminum foil, froze them and took them away on their space cruiser.

Steve and Norman didn't mind being taken to Spiegel. It didn't even bother them when they were forced to enter a cooking contest which was being put on to please the leader of the Spiegelians, Sargon the Magnificent. In fact, once they were in the contest, Steve and Norman became excited about it and wanted to win. They tried really hard to create the most delicious dish, but they only won second place. However, they were very happy in the end, because it turned out that the first place winners had to stay on Spiegel as slaves and cook for the aliens from then...