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Hello. This is me. I'm different as can be. On Thursday February 28 (today), there is planned to be a very chilly cold front heading in. The 10-15 mph breezes will make it feel as if it is in the upper 30s! Although this cold front is planned to break records in cities in North Florida, it is not forecasted to break the 38 degrees record in Fort Lauderdale.

Homeless shelters will open Wednesday night. Forestry Duty Officer Suzanne Ethridge said, "Everyone still needs to be very cautious"; Because of the cold weather there are huge chances of wildfires.

By Saturday the temperatures will be back up to the 70s so you can put that sweater back in your closet.

I chose this article because I love it when it gets cold, and the words: Cold front caught my eye. The good thing about this article is that it gives good details, and warns you about the dangers of cold fronts. The bad thing is that this cold front won't last long. This article has a huge impact on society because it affects the homeless, plus cold fronts can kill plants and start wildfires.