The Social Class Ladder

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"Social class is an organized system with characteristic patterns of relationships between groups of people who have the same social position" (Longman 1380). However, some people believe that the social class is only based on someone income, on how much money they earn. American Society is divided generally into different levels called The Social Class Ladder in which is not an issue based just on money, it is also judged by political participation, level of education, and social image that determines what level someone is categorized in; however, people should change or eliminate this type of discriminatory issue that has affected people for many decades.

Here in America, we have what we call the social class ladder in which the lowest category is called "the lower class" that consists of about 20% of the American population; for instance, members of this class are minority groups like Hispanics, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans.

Most of the members at this level are people from European origin who are called "white trash." In this category, people are poorly educated with low literacy and other minor employment abilities. Their health is often relatively poor with a life expectancy below the rest of the population. This group also has a low political participation, high rate of unemployment, and physical disability. Moreover, the lower class is defined as lack of money, power, and prestige. In this class, especially single woman with children receive welfare and other government programs like well. Then we have "the working class" that consists about 70% of the American population who work for wages having the blue-collar, the white-collar and agricultural occupations. Workers on the blue-collar consist of the 30% of this level, and they are characterized as the "lower middle class." This people are also unemployed from time to...