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Social Groups

Sean Murphy




Social Groups

In everyone's life they become or are involved with a social group or organization sometime in their lives. Personally, I have been involved in several groups and organizations, I have been a leader of a youth Masonic organization named DeMolay, I am also a Mason, I have been a member of student councils, academic clubs, and several others. I have found that most of the groups are primary groups. I will further explain a primary group as well as bureaucratic structures of some of the groups I have belonged to. As well as explain positive and negative ramifications of the groups.

Groups & Socialization

Socialization is about the creation of cultural and social network skills within an individual. It becomes one's guide in approaching and viewing the world as he lives his life.

From sociological point of view socialization points to the processes by which one learns to become a part of a culture. Factors that contribute towards socialization are social agents; social forces that has an effect on how things are organized, how they become. Individuals, groups, people are social agents. They carry on roles that are shape the structures, conditions and systems that allow for particular cultures & societies to exist. Sociology defines groups as a collection of individuals involved in a social network sharing particular expectations, characteristics, & obligations while working towards particular goals & through this interaction maintains a common identity. In a way, particular groups share their own culture, which becomes an identifier. As society or a community can be defined as a large group, in the social sciences, groups are seen to exhibit a sense of kinship.