Social Justice Investigations

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Why doesn't god snap his fingers, as bono asks, and fix up all the problems in the world?

The typical idea of God magically snapping his fingers to fix up all the problems in the world cannot be justified (in a religious or non-religious view). If was to be achieved, then the concept of "free will" would be non-existent. Our decision making would be controlled and fixed. Where is the free-will in that? WE are meant to be able to control our own destiny, fate, future, and most importantly, our lives. God loves everyone, and he cannot fix something that humans have made. We are the ones who make our own decisions, not somebody else.

In addition, no one would even bother caring for each other, because. It would create a sense of greed amongst the people. In a Christian perspective, God doing this would be a contraction because. Thus, the notion of free will is embraced by Christians, and is clearly proven in the scripts and textures.

This would also be seen as reckless, as gods principal is out rightly thrown out of the window. God created us as human beings and gives us the freedom to make our own decisions. People can't expect god to do solve all the worlds' problem because we need to value our own responsibilities.

Christians sometimes get into arguments over whether we're called to spread god's word first, or help people first, or some kind of mixture of both. What do you think we should do?

The concept of spreading god's word first, and helping people first, should be combined. We should help people in a way which would embrace, as there is one point which strictly stands clear: We should NOT force people to become what they don't want to be. We...