Social Justice Project at the Ronald McDonald House

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Social Justice ProjectBefore this class, I had no idea what social justice was about. Then in class I found out that Social justice refers to conceptions of justice applied to an entire society. It is based on the idea of a just society, which gives individuals and group’s fair treatment and a just share of the benefits of society (Rawls). I found out that our group has an opportunity to do a research on a social issue that is impacting a local, state, or national community. I decided that it would be interesting to learn more about the social issues around healthcare on the university campus. My group members are: Alex H., Claire F., Jeff E., and Alice A., who all shared the same interest in healthcare. Our group all agreed to do our social issue project on the service organization Ronald McDonald House (RMH) on the East Bank campus.

Healthcare has always been a huge issue around the Twin-Cities area. Families have a hard time supporting the health insurance that is outrageously expensive so when something bad happens, families can apply to stay at the RMH. The mission of the RMH is the commitment to helping families and communities live with children that have serious illnesses (Fleming). The goal our group hopes to accomplish is to further our own understanding of how the RMH assists families through their time of crisis and to create awareness of the organization around the campus. Our aim is to encourage people to volunteer at the RMH. The plan for our further understanding of RMH was first to look online for background information on what this non-profit organization is about and what they do. Then we set up an interview with an administrative staff member to get more information on how the operation of...