The Social Side of Decision Making

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The organizations workers are suffering from a combination of decision making theories. The most prominent ones are conformity and groupthink. Conformity is seen in that the members work by adhering to the average instructions given by the boss.

In a theory of conformity an endogenous mechanism is responsible for establishing social norms i.e. social preferences cause behavior that is conformist in nature. Convergent behavior is seen in economic interactions from social and cultural norms (Gillen, 1990).

Groupthink is the secondary decision making theory that in the case of the organization compliments conformity. This is a kind of mentality present in group members trying to reduce conflicts and agree without testing, evaluating, or analyzing ideas. This is the reason why the members of our organization have been passive and without independent thinking.

In this organization members conform to the instructions of the boss word for word as they try not to move out of the scope of the tasks given.

This happens because the members want to remain in their comfort zones (Smith, 1985).

There are several issues that the members of this organization must address in order to get out of the current state. Firstly, the members have to address the problem of low self esteem. This is the major cause of the lack of any interaction between the members and the boss. Low self esteem leads to withdrawal of the people from decision making. They are never sure of what they do on their own.

Again there is the issue of lack of interaction between the members and the leadership of this organization. This is due to the tendency of members to avoid responsibility. Members want to do only what they are told to do.

There is also the issue of members fearing to contradict the views and directions...