Social stratification

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Stratification In The United States

Akbar Singh is a middle-eastern, middle-aged man. He immigrated to America from Indonesia when he was seventeen years old leaving by his mother, father, and also his 6 siblings. After graduating high school Akbar went off to college and started his own law firm; there he met his wife Katarina. After years of hard work and determination Akbar and Katarina married and had 5 beautiful children. Upon giving birth to the last child, Katarina became very ill and passed away a few months later. Following this tragedy Akbar and his family spent great amounts of time in the Catholic Church making sure that all the problems and questions he had were answered by God.

Growing up Akbar was bilingual. Through his teenaged years he learned to speak English but his primary language was Hindi. As an adult his life followed the bases of a social norm, meaning he kept the household secure, paid the bills and taught his children right from wrong.

Making breakfast, cleaning packing lunches are all apart of Akbar's everyday life. Since his wife passed he has played both the mother and father figure. His children each attend a local private school very close to Akbar's Law firm. His clothing is very casual and includes a button down shirt and slacks every single day. There are many people who could be put in the same category as Akbar but each and every person has their own special amenities. As an immigrant Akbar's ascribed status is a low-income job working at a convenience store or a gas station, but through his achieved status, which is what he labels his self as Akbar has managed to become an upper class citizen due to his hard...