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My ideal of social justice lies in the belief that all people are created equal. They should be treated in such a manner that awards them the dignity of a life for which God intended. All people in our society must have the fundamental rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We must create a community proud of it's diversity and respect for our fellow men. and women. Social justice gives us the personal responsibility to form a society where everyone is treated the same. This includes the both social and ecmocomic rights. The concept of social justice and client self determination, respect for all people without thought of their differences of beliefs, mental functioning or station in life is an inherent factor in respecting the rights of others.

I have had the privlidge of working with individuals who, for the most part are not allowed to make choices of their own even when they have the ability to do so.

These individuals have mental retardation and society has yet come to believe that the majority of them can make choices and determine their own lifestyle. These individuals may need assistance but they can learn and experience the privildge of self-detrmination. A social workr must respect the clients rights to self-determination. .

I witnessed my mothers death in a tragic accident when I was fourteen years old. My father traveled with his job at the time and I was basically by myself. A friend of my mothers who already had six children took me into her home and treated me as one of her own children. She showed me the love and compassion I need so desperately at that time. Her act of kindness is something that follows me to this day. It takes a extraordinary...