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Educators have an important role in our children's futures. However, within the school system, there are many sociological issues that our children face daily. Sociological issues which may directly and indirectly affect them relating from moral issues, violence, injustice and discrimination to name a few. This paper will look at several of these issues, their effects on our children, and the implication to improve them.

School bullies has been an age old problem in all grade levels. Children report that they are bullied at least once a week (Sadker & Zittleman, 2007, pg. 102). According to Dr. Olweus, Bullying behavior is evident even in preschool. Intervention strategies need to be implemented at an early age as possible (Olweus, 2009, pg. 2). There are many types of bullying; for example, "Physical bullying includes hitting, punching, kicking and other types of physical harm, as well as destruction of a child's property. Verbal bullying includes teasing, name-calling, taunting and racial slurs, as well as spreading gossip or malicious rumors.

Cyber bullying includes harassing e-mails or instant messages, as well as intimidating or threatening Web sites or blogs" (Olweus, 2009, pg2). A growing number of schools have had bullying escalate to a much more violent outcome research done by the secret service and the US Department of Education into 37 school shootings including columbine, found out that two-thirds of student shooters felt bullied, harassed, threatened or injured by other students (Olweus, 2009, pg. 2). Bullying has been linked to "depression, suicide, and eating disorders the creation of anti bullying programs have begun to help reduce instances of bullying" (Sadker & Zittleman, 2007, pg. 2) but, must be followed through in order to eliminate the threat all together.

Discrimination in school is also an issue, discrimination not only against race, but sexual and social as...