Sociological Issues in Education

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Sociological Issues in Education


Sociological Issues in Education

It is very important for everyone to get education, it helps in changing life. There should be a wish for to improve the educational system and to always be ready to develop it. There are numerous ideas as to what comprises an ideal education. There may be lot of factors come together to make an ideal education (Haralambos, 2000). Deprivation may effect a child's education in many ways. Children that live in poverty often live in the most deprived areas of a neighbourhood (Ball, 2003). These areas often have schools which may be at the lower end of performance league tables. League tables show that schools in areas of social housing or with high numbers of private rented accommodation perform less well than schools in more affluent areas. Schools whose pupils are mostly from large inner city council estates are often referred to as sink state schools, hardly aspiring for those pupils that attend them.

As the parents or parent of these pupils have limited income they are not in the position to move to a better area which has access to a better school. If they were able to secure a place in a better performing school outside the area, they may be unable to afford the traveling expenses.

Families with higher incomes are able to move into catchment areas of the better schools. Parents are often willing to pay more to live near a high achieving school. (Gregg and Machin, 2000) Selective education is available in Britain, although most of this is in fee-paying Independent schools. Others are known as 'grant maintained schools', and they may use their own methods of selection. This often excludes children from low income families and particularly those...