Sociological Theoretical Appraches

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Amal Suliaman

Sociology 1301

July 22, 2014

Short Writing Assignment

Chapters 1-3

Develop your understanding of the three sociological approaches by speculating on some of the issues that each would consider in investigating a presidential election and gay rights.

Sociology can be defined as the "systematic study of human society." When studying sociology, there are three significant theoretical approaches one should be able to identify. The three approaches include: the structural-functional approach, the symbolic-interaction approach and the social conflict approach. All three approaches can be applied to major nationwide issues such as presidential elections and gay rights.

Let's begin with the structural-functional approach. The structural functional approach can be defined as the "framework for building theory that see's society as a complex system whose parts work together to produce solidarity and stability." In other words, it claims that our lives are guided by a stable pattern of social behavior. In the case of a presidential election, a Republican candidate would most likely utilize the structural-functional approach when discussing the issue of gay rights.

Republicans are generally more conservative in their political views and prefer to see things as black vs white. Since the structural-functional approach focuses on social order and stability, a Republican candidate can argue that there is a need to regulate sexuality. The candidate can argue that in order to regulate sexuality, reproduction needs to be regulated. In other words, illegitimate reproduction would not provide appropriate protection for the family. On the contrary, a Democratic candidate may argue that gay marriage can actually provide protection and a home for children who are in need of a home. There are numerous children in foster homes and by allowing gay rights, these foster children can be given the chance to grow up in a loving home. Therefore, the Republican candidates...