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Assess sociological explanation of external factors which affect education?

Education is a significant part of our society today. Before the 1870s only a tiny minority of the population received formal schooling with the only the rich and powerful that could afford to pay fees and attend private schools. In 1918 schooling became compulsory and free until the age of 14. However it wasn't and still isn't as easy as that as there are many internal and external factors which affect a child's education. This essay will outline the key external factors which affect a pupil's educational achievement which are cultural deprivation, material deprivation and cultural capital.

At a young age we begin to learn the basic value, attitudes and skills needed in order to achieve well in education and this is done through primary socialisation in the family. However some families fail to socialise their children and provide them with the basic 'cultural equipment' needed.

These children then become culturally deprived. Without them having the skills and equipment they need to do well they underachieve. Cultural deprivation can be put into 3 sections: firstly Intellectual Development. Some theorists argue that working class homes lack books, educational toys and activities that would increase their child's development. Sociologist Douglas Young tested this theory and found out that working class pupils scored lower in tests of ability than middle class children. How could working class pupils achieve well if they are not being given the equipment to do so? Language is also a barrier in a child educational achievement. There are 2 different types of codes restricted code which is typically used by working class and elaborated code which is used by middle class. The difference in speech used my middle class gives them an advantage in education due to the...