Solid Wast in Maldives

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Solid waste in Maldives

Today, solid waste management has become a serious issue in the Maldives. Solid waste is the unwanted solid materials which compile up from residential, industrial & commercial activities. The quantity and types of Solid waste produced differs around the world depending on country & with significant changes with time. Solid wastes produced in Maldives mainly consists of organic materials (biodegradable wastes), recyclable waste (paper, glass, metals, plastics), Inert waste materials (construction & demolition wastes) & Hazardous wastes (paints, chemicals, fertilizers). Maldives is classified as developing country in the modern world. However, our country does not own the adequate tool and technique to manage such solid wastes produced daily. Hence, managing solid waste effectively has become one of the priority of government of Maldives by utilizing effective waste management techniques.

Common Waste management techniques

Over the past decades, people around the world have developed unique ways in dealing with solid wastes.

Each technique or method differs depending the type of waste. Activities such as identifying and throwing out material no longer required and gathering all the wastes and disposing them off are various ways of solid waste management around the world. Various common waste management techniques includes; composting, incineration, landfilling etc.

To start with, composting is the most used technique when it comes to biodegradable waste. Compost is the organic matter that has been decomposed as a fertilizer or soil. Composting basically requires making a heap of wetted organic matter (green waste) & waiting for that material to be broken within weeks or months. The compost made from composting process will be rich in nutrients and can be used for agricultural purposes and to generate biogas.

The second techniques is known as Incineration, a highly efficient method which involves the combustion of organic substances contained...