Sonar Technology : a boon or a curse

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SONAR Technology: A boon or a curse.

By: Vandit Shah (T00048764)


ENGL 1100 - Academic Composition, Section 15

Professor Shannon Smyrl

April 10, 2013


With the advent of modern technology humans have become literally puppets and have seldom analyzed the consequences of its extensive use. WE have literally adapted ourselves to this technology so much so that its now difficult to even imagine the execution of tasks without aid of such technical means. Beginning with an electronic calculator that performs simple mathematical calculations to the Global Positioning System GPS that tracks location; there are many more. We are simply surrounded by such 'man made wonders'. One such technological wonder is known as SONAR which stands for sound navigation and ranging used for scientific, civilian and safety purposes.

It's high time to be aware of the fact that environmental beauty and environmental creatures are at stake due to this man made wonder.

So should this technology that comes at the cost of harming marine mammals be actually used?


The functioning of sonar can be closely related to how radar works. Radar uses radio waves while sonar uses sound waves. Entire concept works on principle of echoes as the process of transmitting sound and its reception. This can be used to calculate the distance of any object underwater also its velocity and intensity. Transmission of radio waves is through air and they travel smoothly over long distances similarly sound waves travel long distances at lightning fast speed without interruption through water. Considering the speed, sound has the ability to cover 4920 feet/second ("How SONAR works"). As soon as this sound wave collides with an object it bounces back just like an echo. Upon reception of this wave, the time interval can be calculated. This receiving unit is termed...