Space Explorations

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Space explorations have always been very successful, even if they do not always detect and carry back information. To take the chance to go to space is worth all the wild, itself. The United States astronauts are equipped to bravery with all the information they send back to us on Earth. Sometimes, we think of ourselves as the only alive planet and normal one. But, as we all know now, there are other lives that need to be found and accepted. We have come a long way since the first man on the moon. The technology that we now have is so incredible that we can take it to the limit. I think that the movie, Apollo 13, really proved to everyone the realism of going to space and how much work and effort on everybody's part it took.

I believe it was worth all the time, money, and effort to place a man on the moon.

To join the NASA space program is very hard work. You need to know what you are doing and what is being expected of you at all times. It takes a lot of preparation to see if you're qualified and able to succeed in such a terrific journey into space. The time might be long, but that is to insure safety and protection for all the people on the spacecraft. When we think, "I wish I could go to the moon," we never believe that some day we might just do that. To think of all the worries and sacrifices that the NASA program fights for everyday is totally unbelievable. Another "problem" that the program faces is money. They consider situations that have to do with, "What if we can not make it?" Of course this would mean a total loss and waste...