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Isabella was born in Madrigal de las Altas Torres, April 22, 1451and died November 26, 1504. She was the daughter of John II king of Castile and his second wife, Isabella of Portuagal. When Isabella was only at the age of three her father passed away in 1454. She would refusively reject the crown while her brother existed. She was offered to marry many but did marry Henrys youngest son Ferdinand. The two married in the palace of Juan de Vivero, in 1469. On the death of Henry Iv, Isabella, was then procliamed Queen of Castile. Henry had revoked the Pact of Guisando which then proclaimed her as the heiress of his dominians. She defended her claims which caused a war between Spain and Portugal which lasted five years then ended with the peace of 1479. which doubled alliance was arranged. Ferdinand and Isabella held equal authority. The sovernigners efforts directed to establish Holy brotherhood, improved administration of justice, abolition of coining money, to preserve the purity of faith.

Then the Inqusition was thrown in effect it was against the intrigues jews. She was endanger of being assasinated by a monhammedan fanatic before the walls of Malga and of perishing in the Conflagarationin Granada.

Santa Fe built in hopes that the soveingers would abandon there enterprise. Granada surrenderd january 2 1492. Territorial unity of the spainish monarchy was established, to protect normal unity an edict was issued, exspelling jews from spain. 180,000 souls.Then the sailing and support of Colombus went into effect in 1492. Three famous caravels set out, from the Port of Palos he discovered October 12 the first of the Bahamas. She was a protectress of Colombus. In 1503 Isabella organized Secretariate of Indian Affairs which was the origin of supreme council of the indies. Prosperity was brought to Spain, it was the countrys Golden Age. Gold, steel weapons, silk, leather and glass manufactuered.

Agriculture prospered while congress rose.