Speaker for the Dead (response Journal Entrys 1-9)

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Journal Entry # 1

Speaker for the Dead is the sequel to Enders Game in which Ender is still a small boy growing up. In this book Ender is a young adult yet he is about 3000 years old. Ender remains young-traveling the stars at almost light speed, a hundred years or more might pass while he experiences a month-long voyage.

If you haven't guessed yet Ender is the main character of this novel. Ender is one of the most brilliant minds in the universe and a great strategy in battle. He has many identities and now goes by the name Andrew Wiggins because his real name is now known as a every day bad word children would get punished saying in the wrong way. Also dubbed "Ender the Xenocide" who whipped out an entire alien race called the Buggers which humanity once wanted to destroy except for one hive queen Ender carries with him all around the 100 worlds hoping to find a planet suitable for it to hatch so he can redeem himself from his past mistake.

Ender is also the original Speaker for the Dead who wrote the book The Hive Queen and the Hegemon that started a kind of religion were many wise men and scholars became speakers for the dead and spoke for the deaths of people.

Ender reminds me of some one I know because both of these people have many character traits in common. Both him and Ender are very smart at a young age and both have promising futures.

Journal Entry # 3

An intelligent alien race that lives on the planet Lustania. Also known as "Piggies" they are the only discovered sapient race humankind had found in the entire galaxy, besides the buggers. A group of Catholic Portuguese settlers set up...