Spearman's model of intelligence and Gardner's multiple intelligences

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Charles E. Spearman was a British psychologist who published his psychometric theory in 1904. (Kim SlowByte 2000). Spearman believed that there was one theory of intelligence, which is one general rule, or the "g" factor in which everyone's intelligence could be measured. Spearman believed that his theory was the only one needed to test everyone and if a person did well on his test then they would do well in all other areas. Spearman believed if a person done poorly on his test then the person would do poorly at everything else.

Dr. Howard Gardner developed a theory of multiple intelligences back in 1983 and he was also a professor of education at Harvard University. (Armstrong 1993). Gardner believed that there was more than one factor to measure intelligence. Gardner believed that no two people were alike because he studied how the brain works through the use of biology. Gardner knew the different parts of the brain and how we learn something and which part of the brain was affected.

Spearman believed his "g" factor test would show the abilities and talent of the person being tested and only one test was all that was needed. (Wade & Tavris 2006, p322.). Gardner knew better and disputed Spearman's "g" factor test: because you cannot have one test that will predict the outcome of all the element of one person. Spearman believed that one part of the brain controlled a person's intelligence while Gardner believed that there were several parts of a person's brain that affected their intelligence.

Gardner came up with eight different characteristics that he believed could be used to honestly test one's intelligence. Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences included: Linguistic, Logical-mathematical, Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal and Naturalist intelligence. (Armstrong 1993). Gardner believes that each intelligence is associated...