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Period 6 Feb. 2 Spell. Unit # 19 Activity Once upon a time, there was a lonely cheetah. The cheetah was lonely because she was different from other animals, see she looked different she had green, red, and blue polka dots on her with orange wings. One day as she was walking to get food a hungry coyote came along. He started licking his lips when he looked at her, then when he opened his big wet mouth to eat her all of a sudden a buffalo came along and said " You shouldn't eat HER look at her she's the most hideous creature alive are you that desperate?" The coyote looked at the cheetah "You're right she is really ugly" so the coyote walked away with the buffalo. The cheetah was very sad. Then out from nowhere came a raccoon and squirrel, usually the cheetah would have chased them but she wasn't in a good mood.

They started to tease her by saying " Oh you're so ugly no wonder you don't have any friends" The cheetah didn't do anything she just kept on walking, now she was miserable. While she walking she saw a colorful polka doted leopard with a black and white stripped chimpanzee she wanted to make some friends so she said "Hi, my name is Lucy " the c