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Table of contents:1.Introduction2.Basic ProbabilityThe beginning of probability3.Descriptive Statistics4.Discrete Random Variables5.Examples of variables6.Sample theory7.Estimation theory8.Test of hypothesis9.Charting and making decisions through the use of statistics10.Statistics use in Human Resources11.Statisticians(I)1.IntroductionThe objective of this paper is to describe some of the different areas and aspects of statistics. Then to finally break out how statistics can be used in Human Resources. The first section will focus on different variables and theories all used as a basis with in Statistics. My goal is to break down some of this information and then lead into its use throughout an organization.

Statistics surround us in each and every day yet, we probably hardly ever think about it. Government uses it to keep track of the total populations, races, education levels, income levels and the list goes on. Companies use it to keep track of customers, employees, and to make decisions which impact their daily business.

Now commonly used throughout Human Resources organizations in various industries are statistics such as staffing data, collecting and monitoring employee data for affirmative action reports, headcount reports, etc… Statistics are used now to also collect compensation data monitoring various positions, what they pay, geographical locations, and the list goes on.

More examples and details of how they all fit together will be used throughout this report.

(1)2.Basic Probability"The computer technology has now taken over much of the one time hand work used by Statisticians. It has replaced much of the hours of hand work, pencil to paper calculations, and long hours. Numerical computations, in the computer technology world have been greatly upgraded and more valuable".

The fundamental principle of probability is counting. In other words one thing can be accomplished in different ways. An example would be if you...