Stealing: How To Deal With This Growing Problem

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As you may know, stealing is a growing problem among today's children. Dealing with those who steal or who have stolen before, is a very important factor in the decisions our young people make. If you deal with it correctly, the problem will decrease, but what exactly is the best procedure to take when punnishing the young and curious, or the young and mischevious? There are many solutions. In this particular situation, a girl is dealing with her younger sister, who has been stealing regularly. What should the older sibling do about it? She has many options: confronting her personally and threatening her to stop, informing the manager of the store she's been taking from, or contact the police. While telling the police may sound somewhat drastic, I feel it is the most effective option, and I'll give many reasons to support that.

First of all, telling the police will make a lasting impression.

It should, and most likely will, scare the little theif into not doing it again. There is a phase in many childrens' lives in which their curiousity overcomes them. They are, often, just curious, causing them reach out for knowledge on what stealing is like. Whether it is deliberately or based on lack of knowledge or logic, it is still wrong. The only way to end this curiosity or rebellion is by getting right to the point: you do the crime, you pay the time. It has been effective in past cases. This procedure will most likely frighten them into never doing it again. It should, no doubt, teach them a lesson they won't soon forget.

Next, notifying the police shows that stealing is not a matter in which anyone will be clement about. This is a very disrespectful act of disobedience. Going straight to...