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Stena is an international transport and travel service company, in operation since 1962. Stena comprises of two main divisions, freight and passenger ferries.

Currently it operates 16 ferry routes between the UK and Ireland.

Although Stena is currently operating in turbulent economic times, the organisation has many internal strengths, such as a good financial track record backed up by a strategically focused international management team. Obviously the external macro-environment poses some threats i.e. the Iraq war, but similarly the environment allows for the potential of many opportunities to develop and expand the organisation and their services.

An examination of Stena in relation to Porter's Five Forces model highlight that Stena have some real concerns in relation to threat from buyers and suppliers. The threat from buyers include the ever increasing level and types of competition. Threats from suppliers include the escalating fuel prices within the industry and Stena's dependance on expensive aviation fuel.

The key area of research for this paper was the examination of Stena's company loyalty scheme and its effectiveness from a customer's points of view.

The research findings highlighted that the actual uptake of the Compass Points scheme was low. Even though the potential benefits for customers exceeded the benefits offered by Stena's principal competitor Irish Ferries. There emerged a lack of awareness on the part of the customer that one could obtain a card and thus its benefits after only travelling twice a year. For example 86% of respondents travelled by ferry at least once per annum and only 13% had a compass loyalty card.

It emerged that satisfaction levels were high on that particular crossing and there existed an intention to travel again with Stena. In fact satisfaction levels were exceptionally high with approximately 94% satisfied or very satisfied with their trip...