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What is stereotype? Stereotype is a conventional opinion or belief. However, it is the understood that when dealing with content of this nature, one is bound to "push someone's buttons." Some may find this humorous, while others find it extremely offensive. Asians are stereotyped, especially the Koreans. In my lifetime, I've always heard "Koreans are this and Koreans are that." But of course, this is not true. Contributing to stereotypes only causes segregation. Countries will continue to fight because they only see through differences. Many of racial hate crimes are committed every year. Stereotyping only continues to hate crimes. So long as the people of the world only see the color of each other's skin, they will never be united.

For example, Koreans are known to have bad tempers. A few years ago, ex-boyfriend and I got into a huge argument. The argument started one evening when he promised to come to my house to spend quality time with me as soon as he came from his friends' house.

I stayed up almost half a day anxiously waiting for him to hear from him. So when he finally got to his house the early next morning, I was so frustrated because I had to wait so long. Because he was inconsiderate not to call me and tell me he was going to be late, I was worried about him not getting home safely. I started yelling and screaming asking his reasons for no calling me when he was suppose to. And out of nowhere he hung up the phone on me, which is the intolerable. It was very rude of him to hang up on me. I called him back and cussed him out. He accused me of having a Korean temper. Korean tempers are known to...