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Stephen King was born September 21 1941 in Portland Maine. Stephen King is a popular American author, of horror fiction. Kings fiction demonstrates his brilliant story telling talent. He skillfully introduces horrifying or suspenseful events into a recognizable everyday background. Many of his stories show his ability to get inside the minds of children and adults.

Stephen King has many horror novels such as The Shinning, Carrie, Bag of bones, Firestarter, The dead zone, and The Pet Cementary and that's not even a fourth of his multi-million selling books. Kings novels are so popular that they are made into movies and television series such as, Carrie and The Pet Cementary were made into sequel movies, and The Dead Zone was made into a two season television series.

Stephen Kings favorite holiday is Halloween, King believes it is fun to be scared, many of the millions of Kings fans seems to agree with him.

In Kings mind writing horror books is not for dilettantes. Kings quote is "If your not willing to go for the throat, remarks the master of macabre, you ought not be in the business."