Steve Madden

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The comically enlarged head on the woman draws the viewer's attention to this ad. She dares someone to take a closer look at what is going on. The large head could signify anything from "having a big head" about her appearance and herself to her being very intelligent. Having a "big head", she wants to be seen as assured and confident, maybe even a bit conceited. She knows that she looks good, especially with her Steve Madden boots on, which are also larger than her body but not as large as her head.

Her small frame rests upon a motorcycle in the middle of an urban scene. Centered in the page is the license plate of this confident woman's ride. The advertisers played with "Madden" phonemically, creating a personalized New York license plate for this woman. Placed to the left of "MAD.N.1" is the Statue of Liberty. One purpose in focusing on the license plate is to date this ad. Madden is not a designer that will be a "has been". The plate doesn't expire until 2001. Madden, is a true "All American" innovator. This is supported with the association of New York and its ever-current fashion scene.

The angle of the building in the background forces the viewer to look to the top of the ad. Placed at yet another angle, is the Steve Madden logo in the top right. The clear sky is promising a beautiful day. With the logo partially embedded in the building and partially in the sky, Steve Madden wants you to see that he knows where you're coming from. The "sky is the limit" with Steve Madden shoes, clothing and accessories. The only thing to stop you from accomplishing the look you have in mind is the limit you set...