Stevie Wonder: A Biography

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Stevie Wonder was born in Saginaw, Michigan on May 13, 1950. He was originally named Steveland Morris. He was the third boy in a family that would eventually include five boys and one girl. Of all his brothers and sister, Stevie was the only child born with a disability. He was born prematurely and this led to his blindness. In 1954, his family moved to Detroit. Later Stevie was enrolled in special classes for the blind in the Detroit public school system. In his special class, he was taught many things that would help him lead as normal a life as possible. He learned to speak more clearly and use his sense of hearing in place of his eyes. He also learned how to use his sense of touch. When Stevie was little, he wanted to have a real instrument, but his mother did not have enough money to purchase one for him.

The Detroit Lions Club always held a Christmas party for blind children. During Stevie's first-grade year at school, he attended one of the parties. Each child received a gift, but Stevie's gift was very special. Someone must have told the Detroit Lions Club that Stevie wanted a real instrument, because his gift was a set of drums. One time when his mother went to get a haircut, the barber gave Stevie a harmonica. When Stevie was seven he got a piano when his neighbor was moving out. She did not want to take the piano with her so she gave it to Stevie. His mother, a member of the Detroit's Whitestone Baptist Church, encouraged Stevie to join the Junior Choir. He had a good voice so it wasn't long before he was singing lead parts in the choir's presentations. By the time he was nine or...