The Story of Jesus

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The story of Jesus Christ is one of the most discussed history subject among Christians, Jews and even Atheists. It is also very unclear. Because of the lack of recorded history, stories sprang up everywhere. It is very hard to tell fact from fiction. Like most history, a lot of the story still remains a mystery. However, this part of the story we are fairly clear on...

Jesus was born in Bethlehem a city located close to Jerusalem. His early years of life were spent in a village by the name of Nazareth. Jesus would go every year to Jerusalem where he celebrated Passover. He began there to express his knowledge on religious matters. Many Jewish scholars were deeply impressed with his understandings.

One particular religious leader inspired Jesus. His name was John the Baptist. John often talked to large crowds urging them to cleanse themselves before the Messiah.

John received the title "the Baptist" because he immersed his followers in the Jordan river after his speeches, "Baptizing" them. Jesus himself was Baptized by John. This led Jesus to go off and teach on his own.

At the age of thirty Jesus traveled from town to town prophesizing and teaching, touching people with his ideas of gentleness. Many of Jesus' main ideas were from the Jewish Tradition. He stressed the fact that God would end wickedness and make a kingdom for the people who repented.

From his followers Jesus chose 12 apostles to spread his message of love and kindness. Often Jesus used parables or short stories that contained moral lessons. All of his stories basically said God accepts everyone. Jesus himself was not interested in physical things such as wealth or power but to teach and reach out.

Here is the part of the story were the facts...