Story of how our group of friends does petty crimes to strenghten the bond between us. This story is about a toilet flying out of the back of the truck, yes I said TOILET.

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Immature Pricks

Many kids as teenagers try to rebel against parents and authority figures, by either talking back to them or by doing something that they shouldn't. Like most of them my friends and me were the same. We did a lot of stupid petty crimes that made us feel like we were rebels. Everything from throwing milkshakes at people, stealing candy from kids on Halloween, to throwing garbage out of the back of a truck.

One sunny Saturday afternoon, we were driving around the city when we saw somebody throwing away a porcelain toilet. Four of us just looked at each other and every single one of us had an evil grin on our face. All of us were thinking the same: That toilet has to fly off of the truck. We pulled over and loaded it on the truck making sure that no one saw us.

Than with a simple dump of a clutch the truck smoked the tires and we were off on our mission.

Next half of hour we were debating where and how to do it. This was a tradition to us before we do anything stupid, maybe that is a reason why we didn't get caught for most of our wrongdoings. When everything was ready we jumped into the truck and were on our way. One of my buddies and me in the back of the truck were to throw the toilet out once we reach the desired speed of 70 miles per hour. We took a short ride to the township of Hinckley, where we decided to do it. Blood rushing through our veins, big grins on our faces, thinking how we were the only ones who would do something like this made us even more anxious.

Finally, the knock on the back window of the truck came, that was our signal to get ready. We sprung up grabbed the toilet and waited for the driver to reach the speed that we agreed on. The toilet was at last in the air; everything was moving slowly for those few seconds of waiting for the big finale. Than one big chunk of porcelain shaped like a toilet was shattered into thousands of little pieces, and the grins turned into laughter. All of us were laughing so hard that we had tears coming out of our eyes, and our famous driver had to pull over so he could calm himself. We talked about this experience to all of our friends in high school and everyone wished that they were there. Couple of weeks later someone else did the same thing and it made us feel even better thinking that we had copycats.

We personally believe that minor acts of deviance keep people on their toes, and our group of friends together. It would be very hard to separate us considering that we had so many unbelievable memories together, be it from acting stupid, partying or just helping each other out. Most of the acts that will crack us up would offend many of people, but so what? If we didn't offend anyone we wouldn't have nearly as much fun. Sometimes its good to be an immature asshole, however the limit that we take it to will be the difference between getting away with a petty crime or being caught.