Story Telling Explains Truth

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People have been telling stories for as long as man could speak. The stories included fiction and non-fiction. Non-fiction stories would tell the truth, what really happens. The truth is what actually is and is a fact to some people. Some people, including story tellers, bend the truth or lie to tell people what they want to hear. When people start to believe these lies as the truth is when people's perspective comes into play. Story telling gives a reader the truth, or the lie.

In some cases, as in "Water Liars" by Grace Paley, The truth is not what people want to hear. This short story is about a man who recently discovered that his lover has had previous relationships. "It hurt to think that in an era when there were supposed to be virgins she had allowed anyone but me, and so on."(Grace Paley) He believed his wife when she told him that she was a virgin, he would have rather heard ise.

He takes a vacation by visiting Farte Cove where a group of elderly men often exchange stories. The stories that they tell are always lies, including monsters and ghosts of the pond. They are all obvious lies, this makes the main character feel more comfortable hearing the lies he wish he could have heard earlier from his wife. An old man then told a story about hearing a noise in the water to find his daughter with an older man making out in the water. This enraged the other elders there because he told the truth, which happened to be horrible. "He's told the truth. The crowd on the pier was outraged and discomforted." (Grace Paley)The old man was sent back to the cabin because he didn't belong with the liars.

Sometimes the truth...