Stranger in a village

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19 October 2013

8.2 Stranger in a village

To be a stranger in a village is to be the one that is left out, the outsider, someone who is different than others, or someone who isn't familiar with the surroundings. In the clip of "Mean Girls", the new girl sits down with the plastics, they start a conversation but she's really confused on what exactly they want to hear from her since they speak a more slang English than she does. She feels awkward because she's new at the school and she is not accustomed to the modern speech since she just came from Africa, so when they start to ask her questions, she gets a little confused and is unable to tell if they're kidding or not. Being the new girl at school is weird because it's hard to tell if people are complementing you to be genuine or just to be mean, and that's where she got confused making her the stranger in a village.

In the clip of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", the fiancé isn't accustomed with their traditions, culture or even their food when they find out he's vegetarian. That's normal since not everyone is going to come from a Greek Orthodox family that is used to traditions. He wasn't used to the language they spoke, nor did he understand their jokes, making him a stranger in a village. Not being accustomed to the language, culture or traditions and unfamiliarity with the surroundings could make someone be a stranger in a village.