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Dell Incorporated was founded by Michael Dell in 1984 and went on to public in 1988 at NASDAQ. The company employs approximately 89,100 team members around the globe. (Dell 2007a; Dell 2007b) Dell believes the concept of build-to-order and direct contact with customer has advantages to compete with most of the manufacturer in the personal computer industry. By offering low cost products and quality services directly to customers had assisted the company to capture most of the market share among its competitors at the early 1990s. (Dell 2007a; Wikipedia 2008)Today, Dell is one of the largest computer manufacturers in the market and their mission of providing excellent experience to customer has achieved. (Dell 2007c) By using direct selling concept effectively, the company had stunned the industry with a whole new view of doing business with customers. The marketing strategy directs the company to communicate and satisfy the needs of end users with a whole new approach which provides lots of comments/feedbacks to fine tune and improve with customer interaction.

Slogan: Yours Is Here2. BRAND DEVELOPMENTDell's marketing strategy is to maximize customer relationships through the use of direct business model. In traditional marketing, products are sold to customers in retail stores. Dell takes a different approach to eliminate middleman and retail mark-up so shorter lead-time and lower prices can be offered to end users. It creates competitive advantages when competitors are offering the same products/services with higher cost. The direct marketing concept also provides the company with immediate feedbacks from customers regarding the product and services, so better performance can be achieved next time. Another strategy Dell performs well is to keep capital and inventory as low as possible, therefore turn around time and market shift will not damage the company's financial growth. Sales office in other regions also adapts the...