Strategic Operation Management

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Strategic Operation Management


Table of Content:

3Executive Summary: �

4About Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 Team: �

5Strategy: �

6Business Strategy: �

6Operation strategy: �

7The impact of Business Strategy on the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Operations: �

9Process type: �

12Managing technology: �

14Value Chain & Quality: �

17Conclusion: �

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Executive Summary

Land Rover is a major manufacturer and distributor of automobiles. Being a main player in the automobile industry, the company has acquired several essential business strengths that made it succeed for a number of years. Aside from making products carrying popular brand names, the company also takes pride of its product lines and innovative staff. Despite their strengths, Land Rover has also encountered different problems that need to be addressed. These include the global financial crisis as well as the growing competition in the industry. To address these identified business concerns, it has been recommended that the company should consider limiting its product portfolio as well as conducting its target markets.

These would help the company stabilize its financial status through sales generation and cost reduction.

About Land Rover

The company under consideration is Land Rover. Being among the premier auto-manufacturing firms in the world, it offers a vast variety of automobiles from mini-vehicles to huge trucks. The Land Rover was born in 1947 on a Welsh farm in the United Kingdom at the hands of Maurice Wilks, the chief designer for the Rover car company. Mimicking the attributes of the American-made Jeep, especially its strong chassis, the body had aluminum skin taken from World War II-era aircraft. Full production began in 1948. The Rover has emerged from its light-duty labor origins to a must-have sports utility vehicle for suburban families to a luxury car rivaling the Hummer, the Cadillac Escalade...